About Us
Scopa Industries Corp.

SCOPA aims to have unique design and engineering authorities and build a sophisticated supply chain that supports the defense ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. We are a 100% Saudi privately owned company, agile, experienced, and ambitious

Who We Are

SCOPA Defense is a renowned defense company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We contribute to Vision 2030 by creating organic military industries, fulfilling the needs and requirements of the Saudi Armed Forces, and reaching the global defense and security markets.


Message from the Chairman

Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Alajlan

Chairman, owner, and Founder of SCOPA Industries Corp, LLC. and Vice-Chairman of Ajlan & Bros Group

To support Vision 2030 by positioning the Kingdom’s globally and to meet guidance of His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz and His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Scopa Industries Corp.

LLC was established as the preeminent defense company in the KSA. Scopa’s goal is to effectively contribute to the ambitious vision by providing defense systems, advanced and innovative services, and furthering the defense capabilities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

We aim to establish unique relationships with military and security agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and promote best practices and solutions to the Saudi Armed Forces and the Internal Security Forces.

One of our most important objectives is to contribute to the defense revolutionary process, find ways to invest in the private sector and create job opportunities for Saudi youth.

The company also believes that the process of localizing private defense industries will stimulate a wide range of other sectors within the Kingdom such as industrial equipment, communications, and information technology, which, in turn, creates more job opportunities for our citizens.

Leadership Team

Saudi Board

Scopa Industries Corp. LLC is a lead subsidiary of Ajlan & Brothers Holding Group (ABHG). ABHG is the largest conglomerate incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, part of the wider Ajlan Brothers Group which recently ranked 5th in Forbes’ top families in the Arab World and 46th in Forbes’ top 100 family businesses.
Thabet Abu Hassan

Investment Director
Played a major role in establishing SCOPA Industries Corp, LLC., including sector research, feasibility analysis

Eng. Nasr Alghrairi

Eng. Nasr Alghrairi is the Chief Executive Officer of Scopa Industries Corp. LLC, the preeminent defense company in the KSA

American Senior Advisors

Scopa has a team of Senior Advisors who are recently retired Senior U.S. Military Officers who possess unparalleled knowledge and experience required to achieve its objectives. Additionally, Scopa has retained one of the top legal firms in Washington D.C. as legal counsel to address all legal requirements and ensure compliance with US export requirements, international trade agreements and regulations.

Lead Senior Advisor
Lieutenant General


Senior Advisor
Vice Admiral, USN


Senior Advisor
Colonel, USA


Senior Advisor
Colonel, USAF